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Empowering Your Confidence: Our Commitment

Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes. You deserve to be celebrated.  Fashion can be transformative. It has the power to build your confidence. We believe that all body types are beautiful. And that plus-sized women deserve the latest styles, the softest fabric, and the highest quality garments.  Learn More

Meet Paula

Welcome to Noori Boutique, where every piece is a celebration of you! Born from a journey of deep compassion and a lifelong love for fashion, I, Paula, bring you a plus-size clothing line that's more than just apparel—it's a heartfelt embrace of your unique beauty.

My years in healthcare, caring for those at their most vulnerable, taught me the power of presence and empathy. This path led me to stand by my father in his final moments, an experience that profoundly shaped me. In these moments, I found the resolve to spread love and confidence in a new way—through fashion.

Frustrated by the endless hunt for truly flattering plus-size options? I've been there too. That's why Noori is different. Here, we don't just 'stock' plus-size; we celebrate and focus on it. Our boutique arose from pandemic reflections, a dream transformed into a family-run reality.

Every item in our collection is chosen to highlight, not hide, your curves. We believe in fashion that lets you shine, in clothes that wrap you in confidence. Our promise is simple: to offer you styles that make you love the way you look.

Off the clock, I'm just like you, cherishing family moments, and yes, perpetually adding to my shoe collection (who isn't?). At Noori, we're a small team with big hearts, always eager to hear from you. So, drop us a line, and let's celebrate your style together, one stunning outfit at a time!


Items ship within 2-3 business days